Leave Your Wallet At Home. Just Bring Your Finger

March 13, 2017 | By Neale Godfrey of Forbes

The mobile phone has become more than a cool tool to stay connected with your friends or a way to get a daily chuckle over the next Presidential tweet. We talk, we record, we snap pictures, and yes, we shop via those devices. According to Scott Blum, VP at Total Merchant Services, “Technologies including mobile […]

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The future of biometrics and IoT

March 11, 2017 | By Ryan Francis of CSO

Biometrics can have many more applications beyond gaining entrance to a building. Biometrics falls into the third category of security modalities: (1) what we have: e.g. key, RFID card or ID card; (2) what we know: e.g. password, PIN, challenge/response answers like mother’s maiden name or first pet; and (3) what we are: e.g. biometrics, […]

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Don’t fear your mobile wallet

| By Lauren Schwahn of The Big Story AP

Smartphones have replaced lots of other accessories — cameras, flashlights, calculators. But many people are still reluctant to swap the wallets in their pockets for their digital counterparts. A key reason consumers are hesitant to adopt mobile payments like Apple Pay and Android Pay, surveys say, is fear over security: High-profile retailer data breaches have […]

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| By Julian Chokkattu of Digital Trends

Keep an eye on the companies behind under-glass fingerprint sensors, as their technology may be utilized in your next smartphone. The next step for fingerprint sensors on smartphones is for them to sit under the glass, and that’s rumored to be a feature on Apple’s next iPhone. Vkansee, a startup in New York, has already […]

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MWC 2017: The Sensors and Components That Could Make Your Next Smart Phone Even Smarter

| By Michael J. Miller of PCMag.com

When I attend trade shows such as Mobile World Congress, I like to spend at least a little time checking out what the makers of the various components are up to. After all, in many cases it’s the various sensors and similar components that will tell us the features that may be in the next […]

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Vkansee introduces laptop integration for under-glass optical fingerprint sensor

| By Justin Lee of BiometricUpdate

Vkansee introduced a prototype laptop integration for it’s under-glass optical fingerprint sensor compatible with Windows operating systems, which the company demonstrated at this week’s Mobile World Congress 2017. Using the prototype, Vkansee showcased its under-glass optical fingerprint reader compatibility via a Windows Hello security login on a Lenovo laptop. Vkansee’s high-resolution sensors are ultra-thin, anti-spoof, […]

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