Fingerprint Spoofing Is Much Easier Than You Think

February 26, 2016 | Kia Kokalitcheva of Fortune

A dental mold and kid’s clay is all you need. It turns out that even fingerprints can be spoofed with just a little bit of kids’ modeling clay. Though it requires cooperation from the fingerprint theft victim, it’s quite easy, as a reporter from the Wall Street Journal learned. After the president of Vkansee, a […]

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Watch Touch ID get fooled with some Play-Doh

| Marc Chacksfield of TechRadar

Fingerprint technology has revolutionised how we secure our phones but, as techradar found out at MWC 2016, the technology can be spoofed with some clay and a a pot of Play-Doh. In a demonstration, mobile security company Vkansee took an imprint of our thumb in some dental clay, gave it a few minutes to dry, […]

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Can you really hack a smartphone with Play-Doh?

| Arjun Kharpal from CNBC

If you think your phones are super-secure, you’re probably wrong. A Chinese start-up demonstrated this week how it could unlock an Apple iPhone via the fingerprint sensor using Play-Doh. President of mobile security firm Vkansee, Jason Chaikin, created a mold of his fingerprint. He then took the modeling clay Play-Doh, pressed it on to the […]

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MWC 2016: Clay digit fools smartphone fingerprint sensors

| BBC News

A sensor manufacturer has demonstrated how a fake finger can fool a smartphone’s fingerprint sensor at its booth at the Mobile World Congress tech show. Vkansee, which manufactures high-resolution fingerprint readers, told the BBC that lower-resolution sensors could be fooled by fingers made of modelling clay. The BBC’s Chris Foxx asked the Chinese company’s president […]

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Watch Out, Your Fingerprint Can Be Spoofed, Too

| Archibald Preuschat from The Wall Street Journal

BARCELONA – People trust their fingers when using smartphones–for typing, sure, but also to unlock phones protected by fingerprint-recognition security measures. Some online banking transactions and mobile payments these days also rely on fingerprint recognition. Is that all as safe as it sounds? Turns out a fingerprint can be “spoofed,” just like a password. Jason […]

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