Vkansee introduces laptop integration for under-glass optical fingerprint sensor

March 11, 2017 | By Justin Lee of BiometricUpdate

Vkansee introduced a prototype laptop integration for it’s under-glass optical fingerprint sensor compatible with Windows operating systems, which the company demonstrated at this week’s Mobile World Congress 2017.

Using the prototype, Vkansee showcased its under-glass optical fingerprint reader compatibility via a Windows Hello security login on a Lenovo laptop.

Vkansee’s high-resolution sensors are ultra-thin, anti-spoof, water- and sweat-resistant, allowing them to read fingerprints at a resolution up to 2000 pixels per inch — four times the resolution of sensors found in Apple and Samsung smartphones.

The embedded optical fingerprint sensors are the first to use pinhole imaging technology, and can read through up to 2mm (0.08 inches) of cover glass.

This capability opens new opportunities for small, portable mobile devices and larger IoT appliances and vehicles.

Vkansee is currently testing its evaluation kits with several manufacturers and will be ready for mass production later this year.

“Many existing mobile fingerprint sensors, including the recently announced TouchID bar for the new Macbook Pro, rely on outdated capacitive sensors which leave devices and consumers’ digital identity vulnerable to dangerous security breaches,” said Jason Chaikin, president of Vkansee. “Our sensors use pioneering optical technology to capture fingerprints under-glass or further integrated with display screens to enable freedom in button-free design for any device with a screen without compromising security.”

In December, Vkansee raised $10 million in additional funding from existing angel investors and other institutional investors, including Infotech Ventures, Yunnan Huizhong Fund, Shenzhen Qianhai Greatwall Fund and Superpix Micro Technology.

The funding brought the company’s total invested capital to $12 million, enabling Vkansee to accelerate market entry, develop new products and commercially mass produce and distribute its high resolution sensors to laptop, phone and other mobile device manufacturers.

Source: http://www.biometricupdate.com/201703/vkansee-introduces-laptop-integration-for-under-glass-optical-fingerprint-sensor