This Guy Unlocked My iPhone With Play-Doh

April 25, 2016 | Jeff John Roberts from Fortune

The Play-Doh hack is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to spoofing fingerprints. Remember the fuss about the FBI breaking into an iPhone? Well, it turns out that hacking into a phone isn’t so hard after all. You can even do it by “spoofing” someone’s fingerprint with ordinary children’s Play-Doh. As you […]

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Fingerprint Spoofing Is Much Easier Than You Think

February 26, 2016 | Kia Kokalitcheva of Fortune

A dental mold and kid’s clay is all you need. It turns out that even fingerprints can be spoofed with just a little bit of kids’ modeling clay. Though it requires cooperation from the fingerprint theft victim, it’s quite easy, as a reporter from the Wall Street Journal learned. After the president of Vkansee, a […]

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Watch Touch ID get fooled with some Play-Doh

| Marc Chacksfield of TechRadar

Fingerprint technology has revolutionised how we secure our phones but, as techradar found out at MWC 2016, the technology can be spoofed with some clay and a a pot of Play-Doh. In a demonstration, mobile security company Vkansee took an imprint of our thumb in some dental clay, gave it a few minutes to dry, […]

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Can you really hack a smartphone with Play-Doh?

| Arjun Kharpal from CNBC

If you think your phones are super-secure, you’re probably wrong. A Chinese start-up demonstrated this week how it could unlock an Apple iPhone via the fingerprint sensor using Play-Doh. President of mobile security firm Vkansee, Jason Chaikin, created a mold of his fingerprint. He then took the modeling clay Play-Doh, pressed it on to the […]

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MWC 2016: Clay digit fools smartphone fingerprint sensors

| BBC News

A sensor manufacturer has demonstrated how a fake finger can fool a smartphone’s fingerprint sensor at its booth at the Mobile World Congress tech show. Vkansee, which manufactures high-resolution fingerprint readers, told the BBC that lower-resolution sensors could be fooled by fingers made of modelling clay. The BBC’s Chris Foxx asked the Chinese company’s president […]

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Watch Out, Your Fingerprint Can Be Spoofed, Too

| Archibald Preuschat from The Wall Street Journal

BARCELONA – People trust their fingers when using smartphones–for typing, sure, but also to unlock phones protected by fingerprint-recognition security measures. Some online banking transactions and mobile payments these days also rely on fingerprint recognition. Is that all as safe as it sounds? Turns out a fingerprint can be “spoofed,” just like a password. Jason […]

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Mobile Banking Still Harbors Some Dangers, But Is It Safe Overall?

July 16, 2015 | Brian O'Connell

Mobile banking users may not know this, but 40% of mobile banking application developers “aren’t taking the right precautions” to protect end users from fraud and data breaches, according to a recent study by IBM. That’s not all. The same study states that only 6% of total mobile app development is spent on security. “That’s […]

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