The future of biometrics and IoT

March 11, 2017 | By Ryan Francis of CSO

Biometrics can have many more applications beyond gaining entrance to a building.

Biometrics falls into the third category of security modalities: (1) what we have: e.g. key, RFID card or ID card; (2) what we know: e.g. password, PIN, challenge/response answers like mother’s maiden name or first pet; and (3) what we are: e.g. biometrics, such as our fingerprint, face, iris, etc.

Many people are familiar with biometrics as a security measure at airports or police stations, where they often use a fingerprint as a form of identification, but there are many other uses outside of law enforcement. Biometrics, like any modality, is a not a solution to all problems, but is very effective as one of many layers to provide secure yet convenient authentication to complete a transaction.

Jason Chaikin, president of Vkansee, lays out some of the future uses of biometrics.

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