What to Do If Your Phone Is Lost or Stolen

June 20, 2017 | by SUE MARQUETTE POREMBA of Tom's Guide

You might not think your phone will get lost or stolen, but it can happen to anyone. Though you might face that feeling of emptiness when you can’t text or take selfies, you can avoid a total disaster if you prepare properly and don’t panic when a phone goes missing. Here’s what to do when […]

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VKANSEE – High-Resolution Fingerprint Sensors

June 9, 2017 | by Jackie Goldstein of VPNMentor

The idea of biometric identification replacing passwords as the standard method of identifying users has moved from a future technology in movies to common usage in our daily lives. Once Apple introduced fingerprint sensing in the iPhone 5S, biometric sensing entered the mainstream and is now utilized daily by millions of mobile device users. Jason […]

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Here’s how easily hackers can copy your fingerprints

| by Kari Paul of MarketWatch

Biometrics can be less safe than you might think In a few short minutes last week, using a standard printer and materials easily purchased online, security experts from tech developer Synaptics successfully replicated my fingerprint onto a piece of paper that could unlock my iPhone’s biometric sensor. The hack could be pulled off by anyone […]

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Rise of the technophobe – education key to tech adoption, says HSBC


Originally printed: May 24, 2017 80% believe that technology makes their lives easier but almost three quarters (70%) rely on dated passwords for access and security The security of peoples’ finances is as important as the protection of their personal data (87%) by their bank 84% of respondents say they would share their personal data […]

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