Vkansee Brings Optical Fingerprint Scanning To Mobile

March 16, 2015 | Matt Hummock from Tom's Hardware

Optical fingerprint scanners are regularly used in high-traffic areas such as border crossings or fitness clubs to verify membership. The rugged but bulky construction of optical scanners are well suited to these applications, but not for razer-thin mobile devices, where capacitive sensors are currently used due to their low cost and compact size. The exclusivity […]

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Best Security: Qualcomm Sense ID & Vkansee Fingerprint Scanner – Mobile World Congress 2015 Awards

March 13, 2015 | Seth Colaner, Matt Humrick & Alex Davies from Tom's Hardware

Security was an important topic again this year at MWC. With apps for encrypting messages, to virtual machines for sandboxing apps, to encrypted phones claiming to be unhackable, it was difficult to put our finger on just a single solution. So instead, we chose two different fingerprint scanners that overcome the limitations of current capacitive […]

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High-Res Scanner Gives Apple’s Touch ID the Finger

March 12, 2015 | Avram Pitch from Tom's Guide

New mobile-payment technologies like Apple Pay and Samsung Pay require a fingerprint to authenticate the user, but their biometric scanners may not be accurate enough to bet your bank account on. Mobile fingerprint readers such as those in the iPhone and the Galaxy S series are vulnerable to fake fingers and, when they work, often […]

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The Dirt on New Biometric Methods

March 4, 2015

Some sensors catch on quicker than others. Fingerprint readers are still an iteration away from going wide. By our count, fewer than half of recent smartphone flagships include a fingerprint sensor. This is despite the momentum of biometric-based mobile payment systems with the likes of Apple Pay and Samsung Pay relying on a touch-type fingerprint […]

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Startup Promises Super Accurate Fingerprint Sensor [CNET]

Vkansee believes it can do fingerprint sensors better. The New York-based startup has developed a way to verify the identity of a person by scanning the fingerprint, but with far more accuracy and security. The module is almost small enough that it can discreetly pack into any smartphone. How does it achieve all of this? […]

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